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Company Culture

Company Culture


Independent research and development


Two R&D centers and multiple independent R&D production lines


Customer acceptance

More than one hundred tertiary hospitals across the country are highly recognized, and the products are exported to Europe and the United States


Resource Integration

Strong marketing and production team. Complete C round

of financing (Hillhouse Ventures)

Vision mission

Cultural concept

Vision: Technological innovation, healthy people

Values: professionalism, focus, and commitment to public health

Philosophy: Doctors have good morals and specialize in skills

Goal: To become the world's leading provider of minimally invasive surgical energy platform

Bring in

Since its establishment, Hokai Medical has adhered to the concept of "Honorable doctors and specialization in surgery", and has been deeply involved in the field of minimally invasive surgery, and has always been committed to creating high-quality domestic products that can reassure doctors and patients.


Go out

The quality and technology of Houkai's products have been verified by hundreds of large hospitals in China, and have served the world including Europe and North America.

Hundreds of hospitals.

Social responsibility

Facing the difficulties and challenges brought by the epidemic, all employees of the company, under the leadership of the general manager and chairman of the board, are united and united to cooperate with the government to start production rationally. In particular, sales staff are actively active in the front line of medical care and assist medical staff. commence to work.



Donate anti-epidemic supplies



Assist material distribution



Deployment of material resources



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